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Study on Landscape Design of Horticulture Industry Park based on Modern Agriculture

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.154


Xin Liu

Corresponding Author

Xin Liu


With the development of economy, horticulture industry is also developing. Park landscape is designed to beautify the surrounding environment, an important means to enhance the natural scenery. Based on the concept of modern agriculture, the landscape design of the horticultural industry park should first investigate the present situation of the landscape. Secondly, the theme of landscape design should be clarified. Finally, according to the actual situation of the landscape and the design theme, the landscape of the park is designed according to the contemporary style and theme. In this paper, the landscape of modern agricultural park is summarized, and then the design concept and characteristics of modern agriculture park are analyzed. The landscape design of horticultural industry park based on modern agriculture concept is studied for reference.


Modern Agriculture, Horticultural Industry, Park Landscape.