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Research on the Cultivation of Students’ Interests in College Football Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.290


Zhou Peng

Corresponding Author

Zhou Peng


The fundamental foundation of learning is interest. If you are not interested, you can’t learn well, as is the study of football. In the context of the new era, the effective training of students’ interest in football will have a direct impact on the quality of football in schools. This requires colleges and universities to pay attention to the students’ interest in football and increase some basic configurations. Only by continuously innovating teaching modes, adding new teaching elements, and continuously improving the teaching guidance and professional level of football teachers can we make the football course more colorful. This paper analyzes the necessity of football teaching in colleges and universities and the current situation of football teaching in colleges and universities. It also analyzes the problems existing in the process of football teaching and how to cultivate students’ interest in the teaching process of college football.


Colleges, Football Teaching, Student Interest, Training Inquiry