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Research on the Current Situation and Strategies of the Internet Home Decoration Platform under the New Normal

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.268


Zhixian Xie

Corresponding Author

Zhixian Xie


With the continuous development of the Internet, now in the home decoration market of China, a new business model has gradually attracted people's attention. That is the Internet home decoration platform which has aroused heated discussion among citizens. As a new form of e-commerce marketing, the platform can bring huge convenience to consumers and provide them with more channels to choose decoration and building materials as well as decorating companies. It can save consumers' time and energy to a large extent. But there are still many problems in the actual operation process. This paper analyses problems existing in the current model of Internet home decoration platform, and puts forward corresponding solutions.


Internet Home Decoration, Home Decoration Platform, Strategic Research