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Research on the Model of Production, Learning and Research Training for Film and Television Art Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.264


Wenhao Wang, Xin Huang

Corresponding Author

Wenhao Wang


The film and television art profession is highly integrated and requires to students creativity and practical ability. Therefore, in the process of teaching, the model of production, study and research personnel training will be adopted. Especially in the contemporary era, the media has shown an explosive development trend. Therefore, the talent cultivation of film and television art should conform to the needs of the market and improve the quality of personnel training. Based on this, starting from the role of the production and research talents training mode in the college film and television art major, it first analyzes the problems existing in the production, to study and research of the film and television art majors in China's colleges and universities. Then it studies the development ideas of the production, education and research in the film and television art of Chinese universities, to provide a certain reference for the improvement of talents training in film and television art.


Film and Television Art, Application Type, Talent, Production, Study and Research