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A study on the Protection of Rural Characteristic Landscape in Northeast China–Taking Dagushan Town as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.259


Chang Su, Yunjia Liu

Corresponding Author

Chang Su


Rural landscape carries the cultural context of regional historical development, represents the folk customs produced by social changes, and it retains the memory of generations of residents. Rural landscape is also the cradle of regional characteristics, with important value about culture, history, science and art. There are few studies on rural landscape in Northeast China, and there is also a lack of research and thinking on the composition and protection of rural landscape. In view of the current situation of rural landscape and the problems in the construction, this text puts forward the protection principles and measures to improve the protection management mechanism, in order to play a positive role in the protection of the regional characteristics of the landscape in Northeast China.


Regional Characteristics, Rural Landscape, Protection