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Exploration and Practice on the Construction of Campus Training Base for Architectural Design Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.249


Yi Li, Juan Pan

Corresponding Author

Yi Li


Based on the modernization, the intelligentization and the transformation and upgrading of the architecture industry, there are new requirements for the cultivation of real estate architectural design talents. It is necessary to train new type of technical personnel that can meet the needs of the market and meet the requirements of the jobs. The research is devoted to exploring the feasibility of building a relatively comprehensive training base with self-contained system for architectural design majors, and proposes a construction plan that can be implemented. It proposes suggestions for other universities and colleges in laboratory construction to integrate the industry, laboratory construction steps and processes. This research summarizes the process of laboratory construction, that is, “investigation → project set-up → demonstration → integration → re-demonstration → construction”, which improves equipment utilization and avoids duplication of investment. At the same time, it can keep up with the requirements of industry transformation and upgrading, and avoid the backwardness of laboratory construction.


Architectural Design Major, Training Base Construction, Industry Transformation and Upgrading