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Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Development

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.149


Luo Fenglan,Chen Mingjun

Corresponding Author

Luo Fenglan


Competition in the 21st century is the competition of talents. The most important thing for building an innovative country is to cultivate talent with innovative ability. In the current economic transformation and development environment, colleges and universities bear the burden of cultivating innovative entrepreneurship. On the basis of analyzing the experience of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China and abroad, the existing problems in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China are discussed in this paper and the corresponding solutions are put forward. Innovation and entrepreneurship education is a kind of quality education aiming at all-round development, aiming at cultivating high-quality talents with innovation ability. It constructs an environment conducive to the development of students’ creative ability, and emphasizing students’ awareness of innovation, skills, thinking, emotion and personality education. Train students in the learning process the spirit of exploration, the courage to break the original frame, and the flexibility to apply the existing knowledge and wisdom to creatively solve problems. Explore new laws and new methods, create new ideas and continue to reform and innovation according to actual needs so as to achieve the purpose of cultivating innovative spirit.


Innovation and entrepreneurship, Development, Approach.