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Motivations of the Online Scenic Tourist Complaint Behavior

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.242


Zhaowen Duan, Tingwei Zhang, Xiaoqiang Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhaowen Duan


With the development of Internet technology, the online review in travel social networks, especially online negative word-of-mouth, has an important impact on tourists' travel behaviors as well as the impression on tourist destinations. This paper collected 3735 the “negative electronic word-of-mouth (NEWM)” of Chinese and foreign tourists on tourism attractions in Xi’an through two overseas travel evaluation website. The purpose of this study is tantamount to understand the factors influence the online complaint behavior of tourists. Firstly, this paper summarized the contents of the collided NEWM. Secondly, it studied the relationship between negative word-of-mouth and different tourism attractions and different nationalities tourist NEWM.


Complaint Behavior Perceptions, Internet Compliant, Tourist, Tourism Attraction, Xi’an, China