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Study on the Experiences in Node Spaces of the Taikoo Li Commercial Block in Chengdu

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.237


Shizhen Cai, Dixi Wu, Chenxu Hou, Chong Ye, Chenyi Wang

Corresponding Author

Chong Ye


This paper chooses the main node spaces of the Taikoo Li commercial block in Chengdu as the research object. Through field observation and experience, it is found that there are abundant changes in the spatial scales of these nodes; a rich variety of changes can also be found in the interfaces of node spaces which are composed of virtual and real boundaries. The utilization of grey space and the rational allocation of landscape facilities increase the spatial experience of pedestrians and attract pedestrians with different landscape preferences. From the perspective of environment experience, the node space of Taikoo Li commercial block is a kind of humanized design.


Business District, Node Space, Environmental Experience