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Study on Environmental Behaviors in the Outdoor Landscape Space of Taikoo Li Commercial Block

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.236


Shizhen Cai, Chenyi Wang, Chenxu Hou, Chong Ye, Dixi Wu

Corresponding Author

Chong Ye


Under the guidance of the environment-behavior theory, researches carried out a questionnaire survey as well as a field observation and analysis on the fixed time and fixed location, so as to study the influence of environmental factors on pedestrians’ behavior stimulus, behavior restrictions and social distances in the commercial block. It is found that there are abundant landscape elements and good environmental stimuli in the slow area of Taikoo Li commercial block, but the stimuli of some nodes in the fast area are insufficient. Rainy and hot days can restrain the behaviors of pedestrians; most citizens choose to act under the corridor with top interface. The social activities in the main squares are mostly individuals’ spontaneous behaviors. It shows that Taikoo Li has the vibrant business environment and the excellent leisure atmosphere.


Outdoor Landscape Space, Commercial Block, Environmental Behavior