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Cognition on Landscape Spatial Pattern and Landscape Intention of Taikoo Li Commercial Block

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.235


Shizhen Cai, Chenxu Hou, Chenyi Wang, Dixi Wu, Chong Ye

Corresponding Author

Chong Ye


Taking Taikoo Li commercial block in Chengdu as the cognitive object, this paper studies the landscape spatial pattern and spatial intention of the block. The results show that the layout of Taikoo Li commercial block is staggered grid, with the lane structure of crisscross space of streets and alleys. The block landscape is rich in picture esthetic sense. Most pedestrians memorize the images in this block through the spatial sequence of the landscape; space nodes with large areas and the symbolic sculptures, fountains and the Ziku tower are the identification points in people’s memory. The integration of traditional western Sichuan dwellings and the modern materials provide people with the impression of the block environment. The research results can provide a reference for the design of outdoor landscape space of commercial blocks.


Commercial Blocks, Landscape Spatial Pattern, Landscape Intention