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Reflection on the Application of Micro-lecture in College English Teaching in the Information Age

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.230


Liu Nina

Corresponding Author

Liu Nina


The continuous development of information technology has generated great changes in people's lifestyles and various fields. Information technology has begun to be effectively penetrated in the education industry, and micro-lecture has been gradually stepping into the classroom teaching. The traditional method of college English teaching is based on knowledge listed in textbook, and the single teaching method and relatively boring classroom atmosphere makes students not interested in English learning. However, in the new era, college English teachers must change this teaching mode and effectively apply the micro-lecture into teaching, which not only conforms to the pace of development of the times, but also can make the teaching methods more flexible. At the same time, students can watch micro-lecture videos at any time, which is more beneficial for them to learn English.


Information Age, Micro-Lecture, College English Teaching