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Analysis on the Development Trend of Knowledge Economy Management in the New Economy Era

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.228


Zhu Lei

Corresponding Author

Zhu Lei


At present, with the continuous development of the whole society, our country's economic level and people's living standards have been greatly improved. Our country's economic development has entered a new economic era. The advent of the new economic era has brought new challenges to our country's economic development, but also new opportunities for development. In order to promote the progress of knowledge economy management, it is necessary for us to recognize the changes of knowledge economy management. Through reform, we apply Internet technology and information technology to the management of knowledge economy, so that economic life can be carried out more quickly and efficiently. This paper hopes to put forward some suggestions for the development of knowledge economy management in the context of the new economic era.


New Economy Era, Knowledge Economy Management, Development Trend Analysis