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Analysis of Public English Learning Strategies for Higher Vocational College Students from the Perspective of Score Improvement

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.226


Li Wei, Yang Xiang, Cun Biying, Ma Libo

Corresponding Author

Li Wei


In recent years, with the deepening of economic globalization and cultural integration, the relationship between China and other countries in the world has become closer. As a common language of international communication, English is very important for both countries and enterprises. However, at present, English education in China is still too theoretical, which greatly affects the cultivation of English professionals. In this paper, the author stands in the perspective of improving scores, focusing on the methods and Strategies of public English learning for higher vocational college upgraded students. Firstly, this paper briefly introduces the connotation of public language learning strategies, and expounds their importance and classification. At the same time, it explores the differences between low-achievers and high-achievers in social strategies, cognitive strategies, emotional strategies and metacognitive strategies. Finally, it puts forward specific learning strategies for reference according to the key contents of the National English Level Examination.


Score Improvement Perspective, Higher Vocational College Upgrading, Public English, Learning Strategies