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The Path of Cross-cultural Awareness Training in College English Translation Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.216


Yang Haini, Kang Tao

Corresponding Author

Yang Haini


At present, the language which is used and distributed most widely in the world is English. And with the continuous advancement of economic globalization, English is especially important for college students. The cross-cultural cultivation of students in the translation teaching in college English can well train the corresponding English talents for the society. However, it has become the primary problem at present to cultivate students' cross-cultural awareness in the process of teaching. Based on the brief description of the current situation of college English translation teaching in China and the problems in the teaching process, the author analyzed the advantages of cultivating students' cross-cultural awareness in college English teaching and explored the specific methods.


College English, English Translation Teaching, Cross-Cultural Awareness