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Constructing a Community of Human Destiny and Promoting the Internationalization of Chinese Medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.213


Fang Huanle, Wang Hui, Han Ningjuan, Liu Jianli

Corresponding Author

Liu Jianli


Constructing a community of human destiny is an important part of the socialism with Chinese characteristics and basic strategy of Chinese government in the new era. As a gem of China, Chinese medicine is an important part of the medical and health undertakings with Chinese characteristics. It is also an integral part of the overall strategy of the “Belt and Road” and the international medical system. Facing the great opportunity brought by the "Belt and Road" strategy to the internationalization of Chinese medicine, it is necessary to build consensus guided by the idea of building a community of human destiny, and promote the internalization of Chinese medicine as a community of human health destiny through five standards: strengthening exchanges and intercommunication; opening and sharing, integration and development; green development, service trade; strengthening communication, policy support; scientific promotion.


Human Destiny Community, One Belt, One Road, Internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine