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The Origin of Security Dilemma between China and US in Cyber Space

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.211


Li Senlin

Corresponding Author

Li Senlin


As the world context changed dramatically after cold war, global phenomena are being appeared continually. The cyber space, since it arose, together with land space, sea space, air space and outer space, constituted five power spaces, and naturally become a game space for nations. However, features of virtual cyber space are not same as other entities’ features. Hence, this study starts with elaboration current cyber security situation faced by China and US, then, ensures what kind cyber security dilemma China and US in and reveals driving forces behind China and US cyber security dilemma. Further, the study analyses the nature of cyber space which caused cyber security dilemma in depth and offers suggestion for preventing cyber security dilemma.


China and US Relationship, Cyber Security, Security Dilemma, Origin