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Improvement of Medical Clinical Teaching by VR Medical Surgical Helmet

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.210


Dilong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Dilong Zhang


Utilize a VR medical surgery science teaching helmet, including a camera, for real-time acquisition of images. And a transmitting device, configured to transmit the real-time collected image to the processing module. And a processing module, configured to splicing the real-time collected images into a complete panoramic picture. The processing module performs real-time encoding of the complete panoramic picture to generate a panoramic preview video. A VR helmet body for viewing the panoramic video. By using a VR medical surgical science teaching helmet, the whole process of doctor's operation can be stereoscopically photographed. Students can observe the whole process of doctor's operation through the helmet, instead of the traditional teaching demonstration of words and PPT, and make the video more intuitive. Under the new media environment, it is necessary to make use of new technology to build a long-term education mechanism of "all-round and all-round" education for medical students in the socialist core values education, so as to enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of education, to cultivate high-quality medical talents with both ability and morality.


Ideological and Political Education, Popular Surgical Science, VR Helmet