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Research on the Optimized Management and Control of Intelligent City Construction Project Management Based on BIM Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.207


Ning Li

Corresponding Author

Ning Li


The proportion of science and technology in production is becoming more and more obvious. The powerful function of BIM technology can realize the simulation of building construction. From the implementation effect, compared with enterprises and institutions widely adopting new technologies, the government, as an important participant in the supervision and operation of smart city construction, still lacks the demonstration effect of using new technologies to supervise the whole process from the early stage of project construction and rely on collected data and information to enhance public service after project completion. From the point of view of project construction, this paper is based on the need of construction project information system construction. This paper makes a detailed and comprehensive study on the design, type selection, construction technology improvement and management method improvement of this large-scale construction project. With BIM technology as the basis for project management, BIM technology has a theoretical and practical basis for project schedule control. In the future, theoretical researchers and engineers should expand their application in the field of project management and achieve a qualitative leap in project management.


BIM Technology, Construction Engineering, Management Method, Simulation Processing