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Application of Environmental Art Design in Urban Architecture Landscape

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.205


Yang Liu

Corresponding Author

Yang Liu


Environmental art design plays an important role in the landscape construction of a city. It can show that a city brings people unlimited love to the artistic enjoyment, shows the spirit of the times of a city, and thus reveals the aesthetic soul of the city's art. "Better City, Better Life" is the theme of the Shanghai World Expo. It expresses people's longing for a better life and the great role of environmental art design in the urban architectural landscape. It can not be denied that, due to the rapid development of China's economic construction, people's happiness index for a better life is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the high standards and high requirements in urban architectural landscape environmental art design have long since changed. People's aesthetic concept of landscape environmental art design for urban construction has even reached a critical point. Therefore, we can fully say that environmental art design is the image of the city in the world.


Environmental Art Design, Aesthetic Ideas, Landscape, Application,