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The Promotion Role of Power System Reform in Operation Mode Change of Power Grid Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.144


Han Changzhan, ZhaoyangTianguang

Corresponding Author

Han Changzhan


In the new century, China has been vigorously developing electric power enterprises, and power system is constantly reforming. With in-depth power system reform, power grid enterprises began to have further thought on existing business models and make some corresponding changes. Power sales reform is the biggest bright spot in the new round of power system reform, marking the complete destruction of an exclusive monopoly distribution system in China's power grid company. For the current round of power system reform, how power grid enterprises should react is the focus in current issues. In this paper, the promotion role of power system reform in operation mode change of power grid enterprises is discussed briefly.


Promotion Role, Power system reform, Operation mode, Power grid enterprises.