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Research on the Transformation and Development of Newly-built Local Undergraduate Colleges——Taking Pingxiang College as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.188


Deng Yonggang

Corresponding Author

Deng Yonggang


China's deployment accelerates the development of modern vocational education, and proposes to guide a group of ordinary undergraduate colleges to transform into applied technology universities. The goal is to cultivate high-quality technical talents with practical ability and innovative ability, which are capable of solving problems and are oriented to the front line of production and service, can adapt to job requirements, and can design, construct and manage. Such talents can not only cultivate high-quality graduates, but also greatly promote the economic development of the region. This paper takes Pingxiang College as an example of the newly-established undergraduate colleges' active response to the transformation policy of the Ministry of Education. The school takes moral education and people cultivation as the foundation, takes service development as its purpose, promotes employment as the orientation, and realizes new breakthroughs in management system and operational mechanism reform, to promote the transformation and development of schools to the types of applied technology universities, continuously deepen the reform of education and teaching, carry out collaborative innovation, improve the quality of running schools, and enhance the strength of running schools.


Undergraduate Institutions, Transformation, Development