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Analysis on the Impact of Internet Finance Development on China's Monetary Policy

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.185


Xing Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xing Zhao


The development process of Internet finance needs to be based on the overall policy development level of China's currency, analyzing the comprehensive field model of the Internet market economy, combining the Internet's operational form, and using financial implementation of the Internet's comprehensive platform to expand its own border management and control investment standards and financial management methods in the financial sector. In accordance with the requirements of the comprehensive development factors of funds Internet finance, this paper will gradually strengthen the construction of China's industries and analyze the changes in the development of financial policies. This paper will analyze the concepts and standards of Internet finance, focus on the model of Internet development, the impact of monetary policy, implement the financial development enlightenment of Chinese enterprises, implement effective analysis of industrial service changes, and strengthen the conceptual analysis of the Internet financial industry. Judging the development model and the influence of monetary policy, from the development of China's enlightenment, the study meets the basic requirements of modern proposals and policy development, and enhances the control of the Internet's comprehensive monetary policy.


Internet, Finance, Monetary Policy