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Study on the Model of Urban Landscape Water Ecological Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.180


Zhijin Zhao

Corresponding Author

Zhijin Zhao


On the basis of summarizing the historical progress of urban construction development and the progress of urban water ecosystem research and construction, it is pointed out that there is no comprehensive research on urban water ecosystems at home and abroad, and no systematic research system has been formed. There is no coordinated concept of urban-human-water body. In view of this situation, the urban water ecosystem construction model of water safety, water environment, water landscape, water culture and water economy is proposed. This model can effectively solve urban water-related planning and construction. The singularity problem is conducive to improving the management system of urban water ecosystems and providing theoretical guidance and technical support for urban ecological construction.


Urban Landscape, Water Ecological Construction, Develop Model