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Research Based on the Trace of Natural Science

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.176


Fangqi Gan

Corresponding Author

Fangqi Gan


The actual earth medium is very complex, far from the ideal model that people use today, because its properties and structural variations are non-uniform, nonlinear and anisotropic. In the study of the Earth's crust and mantle media, the differences in structure and properties, and oil and gas exploration, it is found that both regional tectonic, lithofacies and structural features (such as cracks, fracture zones, trenches, mountains and some irregular geometry) are very complicated. In recent years, based on the deepening of research on mountains, basins, mineralization, diagenesis and disaster, the research of natural science has received extensive attention. The results of seismic wave propagation theory and physical properties of media and structures show that seismic anisotropy is mainly caused by the lattice dominant orientation of rock, mineral and crystal, the anomalous variation of stress field and the structural crack and deep material migration.


Natural Science, Earth Structure, Physical Property, Biological Origin