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Research on the Application of Green Design Concept in Apparel Design

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.170


Wang Wenjie

Corresponding Author

Wang Wenjie


Green design is a worldwide trend and a new goal advocated and pursued by human beings. Green concept is a kind of design idea of apparel industry rising in recent years, and its main idea is to save the raw materials of clothing, to use the environmentally friendly raw materials in the apparel design, and to reduce the damage to the energy and environment on the basis of ensuring the quality of clothing. With the maturity of the green concept, green elements also continue to appear in a variety of apparel products. Based on the author's study and practical experience, this paper first analyzes the emergence of the concept of green environmental protection, then discusses the significance of the concept of green apparel design, and finally puts forward the concrete application strategy of the concept of green design in modern apparel design.


Green Design, Environmental Protection, Apparel Design, Application