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The Application of Blended Learning Mode into the Course Comprehensive English

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.165


Li Mei

Corresponding Author

Li Mei


This paper describes and discusses experimentation with the use of blended learning in teaching comprehensive English course. Previous iterations of the course in a traditional lecture and learning mode had seen a decline in student attendance and a fall in student achievement at the higher grade levels. A blended learning via using mobile teaching app super star in the course was employed to facilitate students learning motivation and cultivate their language proficiency, cross-cultural awareness and critical thinking ability with a wider time and space. The experiment was implemented in two classes for 10 weeks. Student feedback indicated that the changes to the delivery method were received positively, although some questions do remain concerning levels of student engagement. The findings of this research indicated that the use of mobile app in comprehensive English is more effective than other learning modes, which can be promoted usefully to other fields or disciplines, especially as more and more courses take up blended learning.


Application, Blended Learning, Comprehensive English