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The Application of Multiple Feedback Method in Sports Badminton Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.139


Nie Shangwei, Liu Dan

Corresponding Author

Nie Shangwei


At present, the demand for high-quality sports talents is increasing. Chinese Olympic athletes only got two Olympic gold medals in badminton game in 2016 Rio Olympic Games, which is far below the number of gold medals achieved in 2012. The country urgently needs a badminton team of very high quality and ability. Over the years, teaching scholars have been working hard to improve badminton teaching model and try to find ways to effectively improve the efficiency of badminton teaching. Competition teaching method, layered training method, and new media training method have been proposed. Although we achieved certain results, the effect is not obvious. Multiple feedback method is therefore presented. This paper focuses on the application of multiple feedback method in the teaching of sports badminton and the construction of multiple feedback method is given. The application of multiple feedback method in teaching system, teaching relation construction and student achievement improvement and so on is analyzed. By contrast, feedback method has a high application prospect in improving teaching system, building a democratic and harmonious relationship for teachers and students and improving student achievements.


Multiple feedback method, Sports badminton, Physical education, Application research.