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Establishment and Application of Evaluation Model of College Students' Entrepreneurial Ability in Perspective of Youth League

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.138


Zhang Peng, Li Meng, Wang Bin

Corresponding Author

Wang Bin


Based on the reality of application-oriented undergraduate universities, the evaluation model of college students' entrepreneurial ability is established applying the matter-element and extension set theories in perspective of the youth league. The empirical study of entrepreneurial ability evaluation is conducted, taking the students in the Beihua university student pioneering zone as an example. Results showed that the evaluation results are consistent with the actual situation of students' entrepreneurial ability, indicating that the evaluation model of multidimensional extension matter - element entrepreneurial ability is feasible. It was helpful to college students to correctly understand themselves, and grasp the entrepreneurial opportunities.


Youth League, College students, Entrepreneurial ability evaluation.