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Research on the Personnel Training of Fitness Coaches in Local Colleges and Universities under the Mode of Cooperation between Colleges and Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.137


Yameng Li

Corresponding Author

Yameng Li


We use the document method and the logical analysis method to explore the talent training of the physical training coaches in the local colleges under the mode of cooperation between colleges and enterprises. The research shows that the training of fitness trainers in local colleges and universities is not obvious, the lack of teachers, the backwardness of hardware facilities and the lack of practical platform. The local sports institutions should introduce the resources of fitness training institutions to cultivate the social and market needs of high-quality fitness trainers; local institutions and fitness training institutions to jointly train the implementation of fitness program can be summarized as the establishment of the teaching steering committee to build training base to strengthen the double teacher training increase the teaching practice links to achieve routine practice improve the professional qualification certificate assessment system and other conclusions, with a view to the local institutions of sports professional transformation and development to provide a reference.


Personnel Training, Fitness Coaches, Local Colleges and Universities, Mode of Cooperation between Colleges and Enterprises.