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Research on Synergetic Development Mechanism of Logistics Service in Innovation and Transformation of Entity Retail Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.133


Zhang Mi

Corresponding Author

Zhang Mi


Entity retailing is the important foundation of commodity circulation. But in recent years, affected by the operating costs rise, consumption structure changes and rapid development of the retail network and many other factors, the main index of retail growth rate fell down, some enterprises operated difficultly and shop closed frequently, as a result, retail enterprise innovation transformation is imminent. Today,with the rapid development of e-commerce, the integration of online and offline development can complement each other, which is the future development direction of the retail industry, what’s more, the coordinated development of logistics service is the key to the success of the Internet era transformation.


Entity Retailing, O2O Model, Logistics Service, Coordinated Development.