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Research on Brand Loyalty of Smart Phone Customer in Fast Iterative Context

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.132


Qiang Yang, Jiaojiao Lv

Corresponding Author

Qiang Yang


In the mobile Internet era, the innovation and development of intelligent terminal are improving with each passing day and the rapid iterative phenomenon of smart phones is not uncommon, but the enterprises easily lost the direction in the process of upgrading the product with continuous improvement but little success. In this case, companies should focus on the factors which affect consumer brand loyalty to maintain and continue to improve consumer brand loyalty. Based on Fernandre logic model, this paper builds the data model of customer loyalty and proposes the hypothesis. By issuing questionnaires, we collect and analyze the data, verify the hypothesis and conclude the conclusion. Finally, we put forward the advice about maintaining and improving the customer brand loyalty in the fast iteration situation.


Rapid Iteration, Smartphone, Customer Perceived Value, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty.