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Exploration of English Course Teaching based on the New Method of Online SPOC Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.02


Guo Qin

Corresponding Author

Guo Qin


English teaching is an important basic course of higher education teaching, it has application and practical characteristics, in view of the current English teaching mode in colleges is obsolete, cannot effectively improve students' practical ability and English self-learning ability, combined with SPOC (Small Private Online Course) small scale restricted online course learning mode, explore a new English teaching method. The small scale, limited online course learning method is applied in English teaching reform practice, combined with the online SPOC teaching mode in Colleges and universities teaching, learning resources are published on the platform through online course platform, students can arrange learning content according to their own time schedule, online information feedback, interaction between teachers and students, promote knowledge internalization. Through teaching reform, classroom teaching mode is innovated, and it can stimulate the enthusiasm and vitality of the classroom teaching, the effectiveness and quality of English teaching can be ensured.


Small Private Course Online; English; course teaching.