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Research on the Strategies of Targeted Poverty Alleviation by Tourism in Shaanxi Province from the Perspective of Industry Chain

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.069


Xin Jian

Corresponding Author

Xin Jian


Targeted poverty alleviation is a method of poverty alleviation in China in recent years. It aims to give proper help to poor families in poor villages so as to improve their quality of life and help them out of poverty. However, the living conditions of the majority of the residents in China are poor and belong to the relatively poor class, and the “targeted poverty alleviation” of the state can only be given to the poorest part of the poverty group. For other residents whose conditions are slightly better, it is difficult to provide better help to them. Therefore, the poor villages in Shaanxi Province also need to other means of helping them become rich. Targeted poverty alleviation by tourism is an important way to improve their material life and help them become rich. Based on this, this paper explores and studies the strategic construction of targeted poverty alleviation by tourism in Shaanxi Province from the perspective of industry chain.


Industry Chain, Targeted Tourism Poverty Alleviation, Strategies