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Discussion on the Art Poverty Alleviation Mode of College Students from the Perspective of Targeted Poverty Alleviation

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.068


He Shu

Corresponding Author

He Shu


Targeted poverty alleviation is a political guideline to help poor rural areas get out of poverty and go to a well-off society. It is also an important measure to lead the urbanization development of both material and cultural life of rural residents. In recent years, many colleges and universities are also actively mobilizing students to participate in the "Providing Three Assistances to the Countryside" activities----a program advocate officials, doctors, scientists and college students going to the countryside to spread scientific and literacy knowledge and offer medical service to farmers, so that students in the activities can devote themselves to the targeted poverty alleviation of China by their professional skills. Art poverty alleviation mainly refers to the art students who combine their own professional characteristics and the characteristics of cultural construction in poor rural areas so as to transfer the advanced art culture to the poor rural areas, and help poor rural areas to inherit and carry forward the outstanding local traditional culture at the same time, and to enrich the spiritual culture of the Poor countryside.


Targeted Poverty Alleviation, College Student, Art Poverty Alleviation