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The development of English autonomous learning system under the network multimedia environment

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.131


Li Juan

Corresponding Author

Li Juan


With the rapid development of information technology, information assisted teaching has been widely popular, society on the individual learning ability requirements more and more high, for individual autonomous learning and team assist cooperation learning to enhance the capacity. In the network, abundant learning resources, convenient interactive, timeliness of information greatly changed people's learning concepts and methods, and based on the network of autonomous learning has become important means in real teaching and an important way of learning. But universities nowadays in the field of foreign language education has been the foreign language network teaching system, foreign language autonomous learning system still exist many problems and shortcomings, mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the foreign language teaching in network education based on lack of theoretical guidance. Second, the foreign language teaching based on the network lacks the overall goal. Third, the foreign language teaching based on the network is out of the need of the development of the campus itself. Fourth, the design of network foreign language teaching software can not fully reflect the requirements of foreign language teaching. Fifth, the operation of the network foreign language teaching is lack of effective evaluation standard and evaluation system and so on. For the implementation of the Ministry of education on College English curriculum requirements, to promote the pace of the reform of College English teaching and to improve students' foreign language autonomous learning ability and collaborative learning ability to provide better technical environment, this paper aiming at the problems mentioned above and design for the solutions. First of all, this paper theoretically analysis the current common network autonomous learning, collaborative learning, network teaching etc., and in the independent learning, collaborative learning, "double main teaching model, construct doctrine study theory etc. based on the proposed riscpa model to the guiding ideology, make it become established the guiding theory of system platform, and provide a theoretical foundation for the design and development of platform system model building, system. Secondly, architecture design a riscpa model based language learning platform, the platform has five roles and corresponding to the five subsystems, system relates to the resource center, curriculum development, exchanges and cooperation with the Q & A, bi directional evaluation system. Finally, the system based on the current mainstream J2EE+Oracle technology developed a set of autonomous learning platform for foreign language.


Network multimedia, Autonomous learning, J2EE technology, Database technology, Curriculum development.