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A Study on the Predicament and Countermeasure of Improving the Cooperative Education Quality of Kindergarten and Family

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.063


Gao Jingjing

Corresponding Author

Gao Jingjing


At present, kindergarten education has been popularized throughout China, and almost all little children are able to receive formal preschool education. However, because of the different economic and educational situations in different places, education qualities in different places are quite different. In general, families are paying more and more attention to preschool education, and the same time, as the rapid development of the social circumstance, it is difficult to meet the needs of children’s comprehensive and harmonious development only by kindergarten education; and as a result, many children’s social ability is not well cultivated. Therefore, the cooperative education by kindergarten and family has become an important direction of educational development for children’s comprehensive and harmonious development. Both kindergartens and families should actively analyze the problems existing in cooperative education, and actively explore some ways to improve the quality of cooperative education, and the methods of ensuring the healthy development of preschool education in China.


Kindergarten, Family, Cooperative Education, Quality Improvement