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A Study on the Teaching Practice of English Culture Introduction from the Perspective of Applied Linguistics

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.061


Xu Jianhang

Corresponding Author

Xu Jianhang


As a kind of international language, English is widely used in people’s work and life, as well as some business activities. From the perspective of the development of communication theories, introducing English culture has been gradually highlighted by the teachers. Culture, an important symbol of a country or a nation, is a very important element when people study languages. On the basis of understanding and mastering the culture of a country or a nation, it is beneficial for students to master the language of the country. Moreover, to combine and integrate the culture with the students’ study can improve their abilities of understanding and appreciating the differences of languages and cultures. In order to develop students’ intercultural communicative competence and improve their English proficiency, this paper studies the teaching practice of English culture introduction from the perspective of applied linguistics.


Applied Linguistics, English, Culture Introduction, Teaching Practice