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Strengthening ESP English Teaching Research under the New Situation of the Belt and Road Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.047


Qin Huini

Corresponding Author

Qin Huini


With the rapid development of China's economy, the role of education in China's development is becoming more and more important. Especially after the strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative, the role of education is self-evident, especially English education. As a universal language, English can listen to and understand the way people think and live in different countries in communication. For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen the teaching of English in college education to ensure the colleges and universities under the background of the Belt and Road. Students can use English to find out the meaning of their existence and help China to better carry out foreign trade work. Using the ESP teaching mode can improve the English learning efficiency of college students as quickly as possible, but there are many problems in the application of ESP teaching mode, which needs to be solved.


Belt and Road, ESP, English Teaching