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Analysis on the Implementation of Life Education on College Ideological and Political Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.036


Yuemei Li

Corresponding Author

Yuemei Li


The development of today's society has led to more and more forms of thought that modern college students can access. At the same time, the pressure of academics and the pressure of clear feelings will affect the mental health of college students and lead to murder or suicide. The society is paying more and more attention to the situation of college students who do not cherish life. Only through the education of the students can the students have the correct view of life. This paper is a study of life education in ideological and political courses, discusses the problems of life education and education in college ideological and political courses, and expounds the reform measures of education, in order to improve the value of college students' life.


Life Education, University Ideological and Political Course, Implementation Method