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Application of AR Technology in Children Publishing

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.128



Corresponding Author



Digital era of the rise of new media and multimedia integration trend is becoming more and more obvious, the rapid development of the Internet makes the dissemination of information more accurate and more quickly, the explosive growth in the amount of information makes people into the rapid absorption, digestion and feedback information of the fixed pattern. The traditional book publishing industry in the digital age under the impact of the reform of the horn is sounded, and a subtle change. Digital publishing and the rise of the Internet, the traditional publishing caused a huge impact and influence, the traditional book publishing industry wants to get rid of struggling to survive the difficulties provided shall be more thorough, adapt to the development needs of the times of the reform. This paper is based on the digital age a new technology of augmented reality technology to the book industry new form of exploration and research. The theme of this paper is based on the augmented reality technology in book publishing application status and development prospects by of augmented reality technology under the environment of traditional publications form, design language elements and domestic and foreign cases of serious discussion and analysis to find out the problems faced by the traditional publishing design under the new technical environment, solutions and innovative ideas, strive to traditional publishing design of future development put forward the reasonable suggestions, open up a new way of thinking.


Augmented reality technology, AR technology, Children publishing, Book publishing, Digital era.