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Research on the Teaching of Chinese Language and Literature under the Postmodern Thought

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.033


Menghu Pan

Corresponding Author

Menghu Pan


The post-modernism education thought has too many similarities in the concept and goal post-modern education, which infinitely enlarges people's horizons and brings a new revolution to people's thoughts. The development of higher education in our country has also undergone a revolution in this wave. The post-modern educational thoughts cannot be completely used on the basis of modern education, nor can we abandon the unformed ideas together with the breeding hotbed. Learning from post-modern teaching thoughts has a revolutionary significance for promoting the development of Chinese language and literature in Chinese universities. To this end, this paper studies the teaching of Chinese language and literature under the post-modern education thought.


Chinese Language, Literature, Postmodern Thought, Teaching and Learning