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Research on the Optimization of Teaching Model in Local Colleges under the Background of “Internet+”-Take the hotel management as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.127


WenJie Wang

Corresponding Author

WenJie Wang


This paper analyzes the influence of "Internet +" on the traditional teaching model of local colleges, and combines the different manifestations of the innovative teaching model of local colleges in the era of "Internet +", and discusses and explores the optimization of the teaching model of hotel management in the local college in the era of "Internet +", It is pointed out that the hotel management should further be improved the digital teaching platform under the background of the new era, and integrated into the new teaching methods, optimized the professional curriculum system and network, ladder, systematic teaching system innovation and so on, so as to further promote the cultivation of innovative talents of high quality of hotel management.


Internet +, Teaching model, Hotel management.