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Research on the Innovation of China's Rural Land Legal System in the Process of Urbanization

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.020


Jin Jin

Corresponding Author

Jin Jin


Due to the wide range of layers involved in the reform of the land system, the contradictions accumulated in history have been entangled, and the balance of interests is very difficult. It has become a new problem of China's new urbanization, agricultural modernization, urban-rural integration, peasant citizenship, and farmers' rights and interests focus and puzzles. Starting from the actual contradiction of land system reform, this paper combines the practical breakthroughs found in the Shenzhen investigation and proposes that in the future, under the existing land legal framework, the gradual reform path can be adopted to implement the land system reform step by step. On the basis of the preliminary experience of Shenzhen's innovation, the land development and utilization can be planned on a single state-owned platform, and the interests of all parties in the one-off plan formed by the negotiation can be realized step by step, so that the market can fully and better play the government functions. Dynamic optimization, adapting to local conditions, encourage local areas to actively explore and innovate China's land system.


Nnovation, China'S Rural Land Legal System, Process of Urbanization