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Multi-project Management Model based on ECRS Method

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.013


Lu Xin

Corresponding Author

Lu Xin


This paper refers to the business process reengineering and organization planning concept, and studies the process organization process reengineering of Guangzhou Metro Rail Transit Group. With the increasing scale of the Guangzhou Metro, the number of projects under construction is increasing, and the coverage area is becoming wider and wider. The traditional linear-functional project organization has gradually exposed problems such as bloated structure and inefficiency. Although the matrix model has become a common multi-project management model, it has proved that it does not fundamentally solve the management problems of multi-project enterprises. Based on the characteristics of multi-project management enterprises, this paper uses the ECRS method to establish a project-oriented organizational process model. Finally, by analyzing the specific situation of the organization and process reorganization of Guangzhou Metro Group, the rationality of the dynamic mechanism of organizational process reengineering management is further demonstrated.


Business Process Reengineering, Project Orientation, Ecrs Method