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Research on the Construction of Sports Health Complex under the Background of “Physical and Medical Integration”

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DOI: 10.25236/erems.2018.002


Qiang Chen

Corresponding Author

Qiang Chen


Sports health complex is an important integration product of modern medicine and sports health management. It is an important link to expand the scale of medical health service system, promote residents’ sports health and improve citizens’ physical fitness in an all-round way, which has important value in the development of modern society. Under the background of “physical and medical integration”, the construction of sports health complex is a government-led and professional force-involved complex as well as an important link in the construction of “Healthy China”. Starting from the connotation and era value of “physical and medical integration”, this paper analyses the necessity, construction value and specific content of the construction of sports health complex, and explores the specific way to build the sports health complex. It is hoped to provide some strength and ideas for promoting the construction of health system in China.


Physical and Medical Integration, Sports Health Complex, Construction