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Design of a new type of non-metal ultrasonic receiving system

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.064


Chao Peng, Zhihao Chen, Chang Liu, Yue Song, Sha Zou

Corresponding Author

Chao Peng


A new non-metallic ultrasonic flaw detection receiving system is designed in this paper. Based on the analysis of the traditional non-metallic ultrasonic flaw detection, the selection scheme of the ultrasonic probe is given, and a new type of ultrasonic flaw detection receiving system is designed according to the requirements of low noise, safety and portability of the selected probe.The design uses ARM plus FPGA as the dual-core main control system. The other receiving systems are composed of eight parts: band-pass filter, voltage follower, third-order high-pass filter, three-stage AD603 amplifier circuit, power filter circuit, magnification control circuit, ADC analog-to-digital conversion circuit and voltage adjustment circuit.The whole design has comprehensive functions and convenient parameter adjustment. It not only suppresses the noise in all aspects, but also improves the safety of the overall system.Subsequently, the circuit model of the non-metallic ultrasonic receiving system is established, and the actual circuit board is made to verify the correctness and rationality of the circuit design. Finally, the experimental verification shows that the received signal after processing is clear, the system performance is good, stable and reliable, and has good engineering application value.


Ultrasonic Receiving System, Low SNR Detection, Dual Core Control System, Multi-Stage Amplifying Circuit