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Optimal Design of Layout and Capacity for MW PV Unit

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.062


Caixia Yang, Yi Su, Ranran Zhao, Yamin Wei

Corresponding Author

Caixia Yang


Taking into account in each of the photovoltaic power unit of photovoltaic power station, different length of DC bus cable corresponding to the different arrangement patterns, different influence trend of construction cost and different generating capacity relative to different installed capacity, photovoltaic array and inverter capacity need a reasonable allocation, by design analysis and engineering practice, this paper proposes the method of using a square layout, the inverter room arranged in the geometric center, the PV installed capacity more than the inverter rated capacity, reduce the amount of cable in MW photovoltaic power generation unit, reduce power consumption and improve equipment utilization rate.


Photovoltaic Power Generation Unit, Unit MW Installed Capacity, Square Layout, Geometric Center, Capacity Allocation