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Design and Implementation of Network Security Audit and Monitoring System

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.055


Chen Xin

Corresponding Author

Chen Xin


This paper introduces an example system of network monitoring and auditing based on the technical requirements of network monitoring and security auditing. By sampling and analyzing the network data, the system monitors the behavior of network users, records and alarms the security behavior of the system through log auditing of the host and proxy server, facilitates the publication of network information, and provides the analysis results and statistical data to ADMI. The administrators have greatly improved the level of network security management and achieved satisfactory results. Firstly, this paper analyses the network security audit log system. According to the need of the design and construction of the network security audit log monitoring system, under the guidance of the design and implementation of the prototype of B/S C/S hybrid system, the architecture of the system is given. Current audit methods generally adopt some methods of analysis and comparison. On this basis, this paper proposes that the system adopts a security audit engine with learning ability, and gives the framework of the security audit engine. Through an example analysis, it proves that the prototype system can achieve real-time monitoring and centralized management. Realize intelligent audit. The implementation of this system can provide strong support for the security audit of network system.


Network Security, Security Auditing and Monitoring, Network Log, Data Mining Algorithm, Log Fusion