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Design of Electronic Information Interaction System Based on Cloud Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/eeems.2018.052


Jin Xing

Corresponding Author

Jin Xing


In the cloud computing environment, the reasonable design of electronic information interaction system can improve the real-time processing and signal analysis capabilities of electronic information. This paper presents a design method of electronic information interaction system based on cloud computing and embedded multi-mode control. Embedded ARM is used to develop cloud computing software core of electronic information interaction system. Multimode TCP/IP Ethernet technology is used to construct information transmission module and network communication module of electronic information interaction. ARM on-chip controller is used to complete reading, writing and signal reality of electronic information system. Time processing, hardware design and software development of electronic information exchange system in cloud computing environment, including serial port design, external memory design and AD interface design. Finally, the simulation results show that the system has better throughput performance and real-time processing ability, and improves the analysis and detection ability of electronic information and signals.


Cloud Computing, Interactive System, Hardware Design, Software